Wednesday, April 19

Senpai why you no notice me

There is this one time I went to Animangaki with my two friends. And as we walk over Doujinshi booth area, I saw my so-called senpai but as a coward as I am, I refuse to go to her booth. But my friend insist on going and since I want to buy some of her stuff, I just go with them clumsily and not prepared.

So once I was in front of her booth, and she saw me and smile and all of a fucking sudden I couldnt fucking think and all I said was "Hi do you still remember me?" and what the actual fuck she gave that confused who the fuck are you look and I was so fucking embarrassed and my friends are already giggling at me so I have to fucking cover it with just look at her merchs and said I want this and this and how much is it and give her my money and just walk away. I pretend like none of that happened. Luckily my friend wasnt teasing me further after that.

Fuck I still feel embarrassed whenever I think of that moment.

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