Saturday, March 25


Everyone have it differently. Not everyone is the same like you. Not every experience the things that you've been through. Not everyone have seen the things that you have seen.

You can't expect everyone to be like you and have the same way of life like you do. So you gotta try to learn and understand without judgement.

Be nice. You might be on their shoe one day, then they will try to learn and understand you too.

Thursday, March 16


I can't remember the last time I went to MidValley. It used to be my favourite place to hang out and window shopping by myself. I am a person who can lepak on my own quite okay la tho sometimes I feel so awkward, I feel like everyone is staring at me, and my heart will beat so fast that I feel suffocated at times. But all is well, I enjoyed being alone sometimes.

I would love to drive by myself to MidValley after office hour. I will blast my BST songs so loud that I won't be thinking of anything that comes to my mind. Traffic jam will be super bad at that hour which is better, I will have more time to spend inside my car.

1. Teppanyaki.
I've been craving teppanyaki for months. Preferably chicken and shrimp. I'll be sitting at the counter all alone while listening to more BTS songs and just observing people. I'm sure I am not the only one who is all alone. 

2. Daiso and Muji
Just walk around this two shop and browsing some shits that I can probably buy for my new room and stuff. My room is not 100% clean yet as we are still in that cleaning phase, so it gets dusty everyday. I want a pair of cute room slipper and perhaps other cute stuff.

Window shopping. Looking for nice clothes that I can start saving money so I can buy them. I am trying to change my appearance bit by bit. I think I should be more feminine now. I am going to be a 23 years old this year, how fascinating and intimidating just by the thoughts of it.

4. Young Hearts
4 new bras and 2 box of new panties, because a girl can never have enough underwear right? Heee~

I'm planning to go there next week, maybe on Monday or Tuesday - after my brother's wedding. Let's see if I still can be all by myself.

Wednesday, March 15

Poor Heart by Yuna

I've yet to discover the sound that heart makes when it breaks,
Does it yell out loud when it's angry?
Does it weep when it's sad?
And when it's lost, does it call for help?
Would anybody be able to hear it?
How do you find a forgotten heart?
Tucked away in some abandoned place,
and giving it another chance of feeling again.
Sometimes an old heart just needs a new body.
And a lifeless body just needs a new heart.
Sometimes you just need a little bit of help from someone
For a heart to do what it is meant to do again

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