Tuesday, February 28

Life Update

Its 28th of February. 

I should be at UiTM right now for new students orientation and stuff.  Feeling all excited and giddy for new experience and campus tour by seniors. Feeling all scared and anxious for new experience and meeting people. Feeling great because I'll be gaining more theory knowledge regarding engineering. Feeling soft because ARMYs been spoiled by BTS with a lot of things. Feeling tired just from 1001 feelings I have since 26th of February. 

That is how it should happen to me. That is how I imagined it to be. 

Its 28th of February. 

And here I am, on my desk in front of my computer. Copying some files and transferring it to practical student's pendrive. Waiting for my stupid CADWorx to load for freaking 20 minutes now. Feeling anxious and heavy since morning because my brother had a fight with dad and I just feel anxious 24/7 these days (except when I'm scrolling twitter for BTS). Still wearing the same stupid shirt and same stupid veil color and same stupid worn-out jeans and same stupid Daiso 5 dollar red watch. Same daily routine, but boring.

That is the reality (which I wish to run away, but couldn't).