Tuesday, January 3


i've always been a YGstan before this bcs i like their music n stuff. once i'm in love with winner and ikon, i knew i cannot stan any other idol anymore bcs enough is enough. watching every single one of their videos takes a lot of time and i am in actual kpop hell.

i've always wanted to checkout bts bcs i think DOPE is catchy af but i resist so hard to get into this fandom.

inktober comes, i saw lina ngo's drawing of them - in their wings concept, which is super attractive and elegant and classy - i tried listening to Blood, Sweat, Tears and FUCK. and i tried listening to DOPE again and FUCK. and i tried listening to War of Hormone and FUCK.

and this process repeats itself for all of their songs and i know i am FUCKED. the last song that fucked me hard is SAVE ME. good lord that song moves me in so many ways. the music, the lyrics, the choreography, their expressions and shit.

and here i am, so deep in this fandom and i dont feel like complaining at all bcs i really really really in love with all seven of them. these boys give me feels that i dont really feel from winner and ikon. 

and one thing i love about them is the fact that they have twitter account and they are so active in communicating with their fans! and they constantly upload videos on their youtube channel and always always mentioning ARMY, it moves me down to the core. i, as a new fan of bts, feel very very appreciated. when they won something, ARMY will be the first thing that they will mention. bcs they know their fans are the reason why they are being known. ARMYs have worked so hard for them too so they thanked us and give us what we deserve.

i have to admit that this group, this kpop idol is the only group that i will stan so hard, and these boys is BANGTAN SEONYEONDAN <3 br="">

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