Friday, December 16

Brief Update

1. It is the last month of year 2016 and I think I still look and think the same way as I was in year 2015. Not much different.

2. B-b-BUT ! I bought a Nintendo 3DS XL !! A beautiful deep red / maroon color !!!
(i am such a sticker trash)

3. Graduated as Pokemon League Champion TWICE and beat all those elite four asses like a piece of cake (well, not really it was so hard especially Steven but like a good trainer I am, I did NOT restart the game at all during my fights *proud-face.jpg)

4. Officially an ARMY now. Couldn't say no to these boys. Their songs and their hardwork is what attracts me. Everyone is my precious sons so I couldn't choose a bias, sorry.

5. I ship VHOPE so hard you cannot say otherwise.

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