Tuesday, September 27


My piercings are a little over a month now, everything seems fine and Alhamdulillah I am still alive. Good job to myself for surviving the first month *pat on the shoulder

1/ My earlobe piercing is almost two months which means it is more than six weeks already. So I changed to my new black stud because I keep on touching it and hit it that it feels a bit painful at times. All is good when I changed it but yesterday there is some weird smell when I touched it and I read somewhere on the internet that once in a while I should take it out before shower AND SO I DID. 

It feel all good to finally remove it and to wash it properly. Until when it is time to put it back. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. When I tried to put it in, the back side seems closed already and the stud cannot go through my earlobe and there is this little pain when I try to push it FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK PANIC ATTACKKKKKKK and I gave it a little more push and there you go motherfucking good lord it didnt hurt that bad. 

And the same goes to the other side. 

But all is good now. Promised myself not to take it out anymore for a while. And only do it once in a while to clean it BUT NEVER LEAVE IT FOR MORE THAN 20 MINUTESSS BECAUSE IT MIGHT GET CLOSEDDDDDDD

2/ My other baby is doing fine :)

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