Thursday, August 11


Great day for me. I'm blessed.

1. Teamwork guys. You can never go wrong when you have a team where each one of them knows what they're doing and they do it right. This feels so good.

2. Oh my god does anyone of you watch W - Two World? It is so good that I find myself keep on watching the first few episodes while waiting for new ones. And oh my god did you watch episode 7? It is so good I literally screamed and gasped and laughed and burst my heart out throughout the one hour duration. Goddamn.

3. Meeting with friends once in a while also feels so good when you had a rough week. There they are being annoying as fuck. The kind of annoying that I love.

4. Suicide Squad. It wasn't that bad and for a first timer like me who didn't know about Quinn and Joker - gawd they're beautiful. And oh my god she's hot.

5. You're home quite late and alone. Late night shower and sleep. What could be better than that?

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