Sunday, August 14


1. Went out with Aisyah today to Sungei Wang, just the two of us and I swear today is one of the most relaxing and comfortable hang-out with a friend that I had for a while.

2. Makan at Pak Hailam and it was not delicious at all but I still tried to finished it and failed miserably.

3. Found that exact shop we're looking for (after hours of searching the entire floor) and there goes our beautiful nerve-wrecking of 30 minutes - but totally worth it! Couldn't do mine as it was so expensive but that's okay.

4. Cut and wash hair.

5. Finally she gave me a brilliant idea so we head straight to Sunway Pyramid and get it done. Beautiful! Tho it was not center enough, it still looks nice to me so yeah no probs.

6. Rest and sleep. Great day, thank you love *heart-emoji.jpg*

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