Tuesday, August 2


There is this one night in Tokyo that I get to go out with my friend, just the two of us. And I thought, "Finally~" with a small sigh of relief. It was only for few hours though, but I was so happy.

From Oshiage using Hanzomon Line (purple) to Otemachi and change train to Tokyo using Marunouchi Line (red). It was around 8pm and there's still a lot of people on the train. Middle school students still wearing their uniforms. Working men and women. Couples holding hands (some even do PDA tho). Elderly with their cane. Some of them reading books, some just listening to their earphones, some just staring blankly, some sleeping etc. And there are few people that gave us a very nice and polite smile, knowing that we are tourist.

Once arrived to my destination (which is actually not), we got out from the building and walked around, trying to find that place. The temperature was about 14 degree Celsius and I love it. I can feel cold breeze brushing my cheeks and my hands are cold too, so we had to hold each others hand to keep warm. Unfortunately both of us were so into it (appreciating the moment) that we got lost for almost half an hour. Luckily I was calm and didn't panic, I found that place easily after that.

I was planning to walk some more, to appreciate the night and the view, but my friend's mom is getting worried and asked us to go back as early as possible. So we had to go back to Oshiage straight away *sigh*


I miss Japan so much. Or rather, I miss travel so much. I will definitely go to Japan again and this time with the right company. And preferably just the two of us.

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