Saturday, August 13


1. I was awake quite early, it was nice and cold and cuddly. I feel so comfortable being wrapped in my blanket and pillows. They have accepted me as one of their own but after few hours of lazying, I have to break their trust because - !

2. #iKONCERTinMalaysia and #iKONCERTinKL !!!!!!!

3. Met Iman a.k.a Wufheii and wow she is so pretty in real life too. But despite of the fact that I couldn't speak English, we still get along very well. Glad that we share the same bias and OTP so yay BinHwan for lyfe!

4. I am one of those lucky fans that get to join in their Sound Check Party, where we get to see them much earlier than anyone else, they wore casual clothes and sang three songs. The speaker is so freaking loud, I love it! Swear to god that they look so good in real life, especially my bias Hanbin.

4. Two hours somehow feels only like 20 minutes, it never felt enough. Didn't get to record much during concert as I was more into enjoying myself with the loud music and I did jump a lot while waving my beautiful red KonBat like crazy. I sing along to each songs and it felt so great. I wish I get to see them again in the future.

5. BAGUS is word of the day, where they kept saying it for more than 100 times. Oh you guys are so adorable.

6. I saw BinHwan moment twice and I looooo-oove it!

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