Friday, July 29


I never really understand the meaning of friendship. How do you know that that someone is your friend/best friend?

I can't remember the last time I talk to someone about how I feel - when I'm happy and especially when I'm sad or when I'm in pain. I can't even remember the last time someone talk to me about how they feel - when they're happy and especially when they're sad or when they're in pain.

I know it's mainly my fault. I pushed them away, and now I pay the price.

Nurina, Nuriza, Azyan, Nabilah, Humaira, Bassyirah, Putri, Dhiya, Shafi, Hasnan, Azizi, Farid, Fasihah, Aziilah, Insyirah, Asmidar, Arina, Shakinah, Nurizwani, Syqin, Sabirah, Farah, Fatin Nabilla, Larry, Aisyah.

Though I never contact some of you since the last time we met, I never forget nor I never hate. I'm sorry I hurt you in any way possible, especially when I decided to shut my door. Please know that I always tried to reach you, but I'm scared - too scared. "Of what?" you might ask, but no.. I don't know either..

How I wish we can be friends again.

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