Friday, July 29


1. He's in pain, again.
And I don't know what to do.

2. I should be alone
I don't deserve someone like him.

3. Useless partner of all time, am I


I never really understand the meaning of friendship. How do you know that that someone is your friend/best friend?

I can't remember the last time I talk to someone about how I feel - when I'm happy and especially when I'm sad or when I'm in pain. I can't even remember the last time someone talk to me about how they feel - when they're happy and especially when they're sad or when they're in pain.

I know it's mainly my fault. I pushed them away, and now I pay the price.

Nurina, Nuriza, Azyan, Nabilah, Humaira, Bassyirah, Putri, Dhiya, Shafi, Hasnan, Azizi, Farid, Fasihah, Aziilah, Insyirah, Asmidar, Arina, Shakinah, Nurizwani, Syqin, Sabirah, Farah, Fatin Nabilla, Larry, Aisyah.

Though I never contact some of you since the last time we met, I never forget nor I never hate. I'm sorry I hurt you in any way possible, especially when I decided to shut my door. Please know that I always tried to reach you, but I'm scared - too scared. "Of what?" you might ask, but no.. I don't know either..

How I wish we can be friends again.

Tuesday, July 26


I wish I can experience Japan again like it is my first time. I might be a bit biased (since I am obsessed with anime and shit) but there is no doubt that Japan is one of the nicest country filled with kind and polite people.

It has been approx three months now, but I still could not believe myself that I have been there already. It was the end of winter and early spring - cold weather and lots of beautiful flowers, the perfect combination! 

Japan will always be in my travel wishlist.